Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy-Chapter 756 Shapeshift

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Chapter 756 Shapeshift

?"The Seven Sins shall rise, and Wrath will lead the vanguard. Our enemies will cower before our might."

'So it was like that…'

The words were like pieces of a puzzle falling into place for Kyle.

The revelation hit him like a thunderclap. It was astonishing for him since he had never thought that another Deadly Sin had already entered this realm and formed a cult and even got a connection to the Dark Arts!

'I just told the Fortune Goddess not to attack the Darkness Path…' Kyle wryly smiled after recalling this.

Anyway, he confirmed that Lesley and Gareth were here to commune with one of the Seven Sins, and it was the Wrath itself.

Kyle's pulse quickened at the thought…

'Should I capture them now?'

He wanted to quickly interrogate these people. However, after considering the situation, he decided to just continue with his observation.

In any case, he was sure that these people wouldn't escape his current Magic Zone.


After the two familiar Dark Arts Practitioners spoke a few more words to the cloaked follower of the Deadly Sin, they finally made their move.

Lesley and Gareth, their purpose shrouded in secrecy, followed the cloaked figures through the labyrinthine streets of the town.

On the other hand, Kyle continued to be a silent observer as he trailed them to wherever they planned to go. He didn't even use any movement Spells at this point as he naturally Shadow Divinity allowed his form to be like a mere shadow flitting through the crowd.

He completely undetectable by the two Arcanists.

'Wrath, huh… I wonder how his power works…' Kyle mused as he recalled the power of Gluttony.

It was related to the consumption of life or perhaps anything it could consume to gain power. The Greed's power that increases in battle and other psychic arts was also quite incredible.

As for the Wrath, it seemed to be more incredible considering the fact that the Arcane Bureau, which spans over the whole continent, doesn't even have information about the cult he had made!

'Oh… Are we getting closer?' Kyle mused.

The path they took was not one known to ordinary townsfolk.

It twisted and turned, leading them away from the bustling market square and into the quieter, more desolate parts of the town.

The buildings here were older, their stones holding the memories of ages past, and the air was thick with the scent of forgotten tales.

As they walked, Lesley spoke in a low voice.

"We must tread carefully, Gareth. Wrath is not known for patience or forgiveness."

Her words were calm, but Kyle could also trace some nervousness from it. It seemed she was also on guard while meeting the Deadly Sin.

Gareth nodded, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword, a silent vow to protect Lesley even if it costs him his life

"I am ready for whatever trials we may face…" He replied, his voice a steady rumble.

The cloaked figures then led them to an unassuming door, its wood was old and weathered, yet upon closer inspection, it was etched with runes that glowed faintly with a crimson hue. With a gesture from one of the envoys, the door creaked open, revealing a stairway that spiraled down into darkness.

'No wonder I can't detect the Wrath's presence… It's probably related to those runes… Interesting.' Kyle thought after seeing how the Deadly Sin was suppressing his aura from leaking out.

Nonetheless, this also means that Wrath wasn't in full control of his strength yet. The other reason was perhaps Wrath had gotten too strong in a short period to the point that he needed such suppressive runes to hide his presence.

'This aura is certainly very familiar… There's no doubt that a Deadly Sin is inside that place.'

Soon, the group descended, the light from above fading with each step until they were enveloped in an otherworldly gloom.

The temperature also grew cooler, and the stone underfoot felt alive, pulsing with an ancient power.

Indeed, it wasn't a demonic power but it seemed more profound than demonic energy in Kyle's perspective.

Nonetheless, it doesn't change the fact that it was as if they were walking through the very heart of the earth, into the domain of Wrath itself.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

At the bottom of the stairs, they emerged into a vast cavern, its walls aglow with veins of red crystal that cast the chamber in a baleful light.

"So there's a huge space below that town… How impressive." Lesley commented in a soft voice before her attention was drawn to another person.

At the center of this cavern, a figure stood calmly while observing them. This figure was also cloaked in a way that they couldn't discern his appearance.

However, the figure's presence was different from that of the other followers...

Without a doubt, this was Wrath, the Deadly Sin!

Lesley stepped forward, her red hair a flame in the dim light.

"We have come as you commanded, Wrath. We seek your guidance and your strength."

Wrath then looked at Lesley and he nodded repeatedly. It seemed as if he was satisfied with Lesley's appearance or power.

"Impressive… You have obtained the blessing of the Death God as you promised. I will agree to the offer of the Vermont and Moontomb Clan's proposal. I will help you deal with the forces led by the Fortune Goddess if you allow me to possess a body with that Death God's blessing." Wrath's voice was like the rumble of thunder, deep and resonant.

"Yes… We have already prepared the body… I'm here to show you a proof with our connected to the Death God." Lesley replied.

"And?" Wrath said as he knew that it wasn't the only reason.

Lesley smiled at this and continued.

"And to possess your power… I want to receive your blessing now."

"You want to possess my power, my Wrath?"


"I can accept that… Lesley Hoffman, for you possess the fire that aligns with my essence. Tell me, why do you seek the power of Wrath?"

Lesley's eyes met the Sin's gaze, unflinching.

"The realms are in turmoil, and the forces of the Abyss threaten to overwhelm us. I know you're not connected to the Demon Lord but you should be aware of our situation. Even if the invasion stops, we will face the might of at least four Arcane Factions… We need the might of Wrath to turn the tide, to bring victory where there is only the promise of defeat."

Wrath considered her words, the silence stretching between them like a taut string. "And what of you, Gareth Blackwood? Do you share her conviction?"

Gareth stepped beside Lesley, his stance resolute. "I do. My blade is hers to command, and together, we will face whatever darkness comes."

Wrath's laughter echoed through the cavern, a sound both terrifying and exhilarating. "Very well. I shall grant you a portion of my power, but know this—the flames of Wrath burn indiscriminately. Use this gift wisely, or be consumed by it."

He no longer wasted their time as he swiftly acted.

With a wave of its hand, Wrath bestowed upon them a mark, a brand that seared into their very souls, imbuing them with a strength that was both exhilarating and daunting.

Lesley and Gareth's eyes lit up after feeling this power…

'Hmph… It even included the power to control us…' Lesley thought for a moment before the blessing of the Death God reacted.

In a few moments, the Wrath's impure mark was suddenly turned into a pure one without the power of being controlled.

Of course, the Deadly Sin noticed this as well but simply laughed it off.

He believed that if they couldn't even remove such a curse, they did not deserve to obtain his power.

As they left the cavern, the mark of Wrath burning within them, Lesley and Gareth knew that the path ahead would be perilous. But with the power of a Deadly Sin at their command, they also knew that they had become key players in the battle for the fate of the Human Realms.

Meanwhile, Kyle, hidden in the shadows, grappled with the enormity of the power he had just felt emanating from Wrath.

It was a power that he could not measure! It was a power that could potentially eclipse even the Demon Lord's Avatar.

Doubt crept into his mind, the fear that without his Divine Extraction ability, he might not be able to withstand such might!

But his concerns were abruptly cut short as Wrath's voice thundered through the cavern.

"Mhmm? Did someone enter without my permission? Who are you?" The Sin had not seen Kyle, but its senses were keen enough to detect an intruder.

'There's no point in hiding...'

Startled but quick-witted, Kyle tapped into his shapeshifting ability, calling upon the Demonic Essence he had collected.

His form twisted and contorted, reshaping into the visage of a Demon Saint.

Then, he stepped forward, his new demonic guise complete, and addressed Wrath with a confidence he did not truly feel.

"Wrath... So you're good enough to sense my presence... I'm sent here by the Demon Lord."

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