Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2222 - : You’re In Trouble! (2)

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Chapter 2222: You’re In Trouble! (2)

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Damn it, he offended the wrong person!

“Do you think I’m a fat sheep?” Wang Teng sat in the main seat of the control room and asked with a smile,

“No, DO) this is a misunderstanding!” The middle-aged man’s mouth twitched. He stood up and said hurriedly.

He couldn’t quite gauge the young man in front of him. Even though the other party was just a cosmos-stage martial warrior, the terrifying power displayed a moment ago made him feel like he was facing someone of the same realm, and it was a formidable physique martial warrior. Even if he was on guard, he might not be a match for the young man in front of him.

“I’m the one who decides if there’s a misunderstanding,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Young master, it is a misunderstanding. We just want to be friends with you. It’s good to make friends when you’re away from home. There’s no harm in that/’ the middle-aged man said awkwardly.

Wang Teng was a bit speechless. This middle-aged man was shameless. Just moments ago, he was trying to rob him, and now he was framing it as wanting to be friends.

“Make friends, huh?” Wang Teng looked at the man with interest.

“Yes, yes, make friends. If you’re willing to be friends with us, we will naturally treat you as a good friend. Judging by your appearance, this must be your first time in the Phantom Drift Territorial Domain. We are very familiar with this place and can provide you with a lot of help,” the middle-aged man said immediately.

“Sure, I’m a little tight on money now. I wonder if you guys can help me out?” Wang Teng said.

The middle-aged man looked at Wang Teng speechlessly.

So… were they getting robbed?

The scar-faced man and the few remaining conscious cosmos-stage martial warriors were also dumbfounded. They had always been the ones robbing others, and today, they were about to be robbed.

“Friend, are you… a universe pirate?”‘ The middle-aged man asked cautiously. He suspected that he met someone in the same industry as him and that he was a lone ranger.

“Wang Teng, he suspected that you’re a universe pirate.” Round Ball laughed uncontrollably.

Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears. He said, “Enough talk, hand over everything valuable on you. My patience is limited. Don i make me say it a second time, or the consequences will be severe.”

“And your spacecraft, I’m taking control of that too. A small universe-level spacecraft. Not bad.”

The middle-aged man’s face immediately darkened. This kid really wanted to rob them.

This was ridiculous!

They, the notorious universe pirates, were actually being robbed by a kid who appeared out of nowhere. If this got out, wouldn’t they be ridiculed by their peers?

“Friend, when you’re out and about, leave room for reconciliation. We may meet again in the future. I admit defeat this time. Please spare us. I, Payne, is not to be trifled with. I am, after all, a heaven-stage martial warrior. Your strength is indeed formidable, but you may not be able to handle me, especially within this spacecraft. If 1 completely unleash my power, are you sure you can bear the consequences?” The middle-aged man gritted his teeth.

“Oh, so you want to resist?” Wang Teng said with a smirk.

“You!” The middle-aged man, seeing his confident demeanor, couldn’t help but frown even more tightly, feeling uneasy.

“Kid, our captain is one of the strongest universe pirates in this entire planetary sector. I see you’re seeking death,” the scar-faced man shouted.


Wang Teng squinted. A smile appeared on his face as he walked towards his opponent.

“What do you want?” The scar-faced man called out nervously.

“Don’t be afraid. Weren’t you boasting loudly a moment ago? Don’t make me look down on you.” Wang Teng said casually as a purple brick appeared in his hand.

“Stop!” Payne shouted hurriedly.

But it was too late. Wang Teng raised the brick, and without mercy, he smashed it down on the scar-faced man, accompanied by a dull thud and the sound of thunder.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Swoop! Boom!

The scar-faced man’s face swelled visibly at an alarming rate, turning into a pig’s head in the blink of an eye.


In no time, the scar-faced man fell to the ground, convulsing uncontrollably.

The other cosmos-stage martial warriors were astounded. They stared dumbfoundedly at the scar-faced man and discreetly shuffling a few steps backward.

The muscles on Payne’s face twitched. He initially intended to make a move, but after witnessing this scene, for some reason, he felt a bit weak and didn’t dare to act.

“Oh, by the way, what were you about to say just now?” Wang Teng put away the brick, clapped his hands, and asked.

“I was saying… we can discuss things properly,” Payne swallowed his saliva and said awkwardly.

“There’s nothing to discuss.” Wang Teng’s figure flashed and suddenly disappeared from the original spot.

Payne’s pupils contracted. Unable to think much, he immediately retreated, but the space in front of him fluctuated, and Wang Teng had already appeared before him. Another punch was thrown.

Five-element fist!

This time, Wang Teng didn’t hold back. The power of the sixth-rank domain was added, carrying a terrifying force.

Payne’s face changed dramatically. He was only a third-level heaven-stage martial warrior and his domain was only at the fifth rank. Yet, this cosmos-stage martial warrior’s domain was stronger than his.


Struggling to resist, Payne unleashed his fifth-rank domain but it was completely enveloped by Wang Teng’s domain. A punch landed on him, and he crashed into the energy wall once again. Blood uncontrollably sprayed from his mouth, and his face turned deathly pale.

The energy ripples around were all encompassed by Wang Teng’s domain, unable to diffuse.

Too easy!

Dealing with ordinary heaven-stage martial warriors outside the Stellar Academies was just too effortless..

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