Leveling Up Alone-Chapter 462 - Spatial Property Force (3)

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Chapter 462 - Spatial Property Force (3)

Han-Yeol’s whisper made Master Hee-Yun feel like she was on a train to hell.

However, to others, it looked like the world’s strongest Transcendent Master-Rank Hunter, Han-Yeol (the term ‘only’ was removed after Tayarana appeared), and the new president of the association, Master Hee-Yun, got along very well.


“Han-Yeol, Han-Yeol, Han-Yeol!”

“Han-Yeol, Han-Yeol, Han-Yeol!”

The cheers grew even louder.

Han-Yeol’s smile became even more mischievous after he heard the cheering.

“Ahhh! Han-Yeol-nim, you’re so cool!”

“Smile even more, please. Ahhh!”

Han-Yeol’s popularity made his ordinary appearance shine even brighter, and his smile was enough to make ordinary women in Korea fall in love with him.

However, Master Hee-Yun was barely able to hold back the urge to shout, ‘Don’t be fooled. This is the devil’s smile!’

She was one of the few people who knew better than anyone how mischievous Han-Yeol was. Given that he didn’t interact with others much, Master Hee-Yun was almost the only outsider he interacted with, and because she had gotten on his bad side, his little jokes were directed at her.

‘Just why would he do this!’

She felt like she was going to go crazy because she had been falsely accused.

‘If I did something wrong, just tell me, please!’

If she had done something wrong, she would’ve gotten down on her knees and begged for forgiveness, but she couldn’t even guess what it was, so she felt like she was going insane. In fact, the only reason he was playing jokes on her was because they were close, but if he had to give a reason...

‘Her reaction is so funny. Even though she pretends not to care, she always reacts, and that’s hilarious. It’s like I’m watching an entertainment show. Haha.’

If she had known what Han-Yeol was thinking, she would probably have collapsed from high blood pressure. Han-Yeol was the type of person who joked around a lot with the people around him, such as Tia and Stewart, and Master Hee-Yun just happened to be one of them, too.

Hee-Yun was currently in the position of an employee, but since she had been raised like a boss all her life, she wasn’t able to adapt easily to Han-Yeol’s jokes. Han-Yeol was the only person who could joke around with Master Hee-Yun, who was one of the top 0.001 percent in Korea, born not with a golden spoon, but a diamond one.

So, in a way, it was only natural that she couldn’t get used to this treatment.

Han-Yeol then forced himself to participate in the ceremony organized by the Hunter’s Association for nearly two hours.

“The people’s reaction is as expected.”

“I agree. Recently, public opinion on the internet and surveys have been bad because of nasty rumors. However, now that Han-Yeol-nim is back, healthy, and showing his good relationship with the association, public sentiment has completely shifted.”

The young staff members behind the welcoming event smiled as they watched the reviews on their tablets in real-time. They felt as though they could finally breathe again, relieved of the pressure that had built up during Hunter Han-Yeol's month-long disappearance.

“I know, right? A Hunter as strong as Han-Yeol-nim could’ve been hiding in a dungeon and hunting for a month, so why was the public so upset... Like how are we supposed to control Hunter Han-Yeol-nim?”

“Tsk, leave them be. We just need to turn public opinion around with a good plan every time something like this happens, so let’s just focus on what we need to do.”

“Yes, that’s the best way to deal with this.”

In the past, the Hunter’s Association didn’t care whether the public was angry or not. However, after Han-Yeol overthrew the government once, they had to be more careful and cautious. As they adopted the government's communication policy and expanded public surveillance, they realized they risked scrutiny if they offended public sentiment.

However, even public surveillance organizations couldn’t move freely.

Members of the surveillance organization were subject to special inspections by prosecutors and special laws, so if they committed any offenses, they would be punished ten times the normal sentence. In addition, the salary and benefits weren’t that much, so this job was more for honor than money.


“Ahh, home at last!”


As soon as Han-Yeol arrived home, he threw himself onto his bed. Of course, he hadn’t forgotten about the rather touchy father-son reunion where he received a hard kick on the shin, so his shins were a little red.

However, looking at the redness in his father’s eyes as he was worried about him, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him as his son. They could not meet very often because of Han-Yeol's hectic schedule, but it was indescribable to see what his father went through, watching his son undertake the most dangerous tasks despite his strength.

Just as the nagging began, Han-Yeol told his father about the retired actress that he had recently developed a crush on, but then his father awkwardly coughed, told him to get some rest, and left for his own house.

Han-Yeol couldn't help but laugh at his cute father.

“You should take off your clothes before lying down on your bed, or else the butler will nag you again.”

Mavros and White Dragon were lying next to Han-Yeol on his bed, and they grumbled at Stewart’s nagging on behalf of Han-Yeol.



It was as if they were asking why Stewart was disturbing Han-Yeol when he was already in a comfortable spot.

However, when Stewart released a little bit of mana and glared at the two dragons, they had to back off slightly, turning their heads away. Unlike Tia, they were still no match for Stewart, even though his powers were sealed.

“Ugh, I’m so lazy, but...”

Han-Yeol made all sorts of grunting noises, but all he was really doing was moving his fingers to use psychokinesis to undress. The undressing process was a slow one since psychokinesis wasn't meant to be used for this, and there was no way he could perform such a complex task in such an uncomfortable position.

Stewart furrowed his brows at the pathetic sight.



At the snap of Stewart’s fingers, Egyptian maids rushed in.

“Take off Han-Yeol-nim’s clothes and wash him.”

“Yes, Stewart-nim.”

“Huh? I’m too lazy to wash up!”

All Han-Yeol wanted right now was a good night’s sleep.

He planned to take a bath and do whatever else after he slept, but under Stewart’s pressure, he ended up doing it all before sleeping.


The next day, Han-Yeol met with the Bastrolings and Black Orcs to comfort them and keep them under control.

One might say that he was overreacting, but the Bastrolings and Black Orcs had one thing in common: they were ignorant races who would become physically aggressive at the first sign of trouble.

They needed a reliable leader to step in and keep them under control.

Then Han-Yeol made his way to Yoo-Bi’s laboratory, a necessary stop on his schedule.


As soon as she saw Han-Yeol walk into the lab, she jumped into his arms and hugged him.

It had been a long time since Yoo-Bi had shown such an active display of affection. This meant that she was very worried about him too.

Han-Yeol stroked her head and back and apologized.

“Sorry, sorry. Were you worried?”

He no longer had any feelings for her. Han-Yeol once liked her, but now the most beautiful women in the world surrounded him. Tia was one of them; she was an untouchable being whose beauty was unmatched by any other woman.

Yoo-Bi had gotten prettier after her awakening, but she was still only a normal person, which was hardly enough to move Han-Yeol’s heart. However, Yoo-Bi was able to retain the title of a valued colleague thanks to the sentiment that she was like a precious younger sibling, his old love, and she had the rare ability as a mechanic.

Well, she was more of a business partner in terms of income, but given the safety and security Yoo-Bi received from Han-Yeol, it would be hard to get that kind of treatment anywhere else.

“Yeah, I was really worried about you. You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”

“Haha, of course not. Do I look like the type of person to get hurt?”

“No, haha. You’re the strongest in the world, right?”

“Of course, haha.”

It had been so long since Han-Yeol had been called the strongest, but it always felt so good to hear.

“By the way, what’s the thing you said you were going to give me on the phone earlier?”

Once Yoo-Bi was sure that Han-Yeol was safe, her engineer-like curiosity started to kick in. She had never felt this kind of intense curiosity before, but after her awakening as a mechanic, she couldn’t hold back her curiosity anymore. In a way, it was a side effect of her awakening, but it was supposedly a good trait to have as an engineer.


[Greetings, Harkan-nim.]

[We’re so glad you made it back safely.]

The fox Bastro Warriors, who were learning from Yoo-Bi, approached and gave Han-Yeol their greetings.

“Thanks for all the work you guys do.”

[Of course. Then, have a nice day.]


The fox Bastro Warriors bowed and went back to what they were doing.

The Bastro Warriors had a unique culture where, no matter how superior one was, as long as they were greeted, they would walk away and go about their business. To Koreans, this might seem very arrogant, but this was a natural way of life for the Bastro Warriors.

Of course, there were some cultural and personality differences among the Bastrolings, but for Han-Yeol who had lived as Harkan for twenty years, he was very used to these Bastroling traits.

“Wow, you just had a conversation with them with your interpreting skill, right? From what I heard, you spoke Korean, yet you had no problem communicating with the Bastrolings.”

“That’s right.”

“Mmm, if only I could apply this mechanism to an interpreter system, then I wouldn’t have to learn the languages of the world. Ugh, what a shame!”


As her colleague, Han-Yeol found Yoo-Bi’s enthusiasm nice to see.

Many scientists tried and were still trying to make a tool out of a skill, but no one had never succeeded.

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