Manipulative Harem God-Chapter 466 Becoming a Godfather! (1)

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Chapter 466 Becoming a Godfather! (1)

"Maybe. From a past life, maybe not, depends on whom you are talking about," Yuanshi's answer was deliberately vague, leaving Zhang Wei to interpret its meaning.

The lack of a straightforward answer irritated him, his eyes twitching in annoyance.

The mystery surrounding his dream, and now Yuanshi's cryptic remarks, deepened the sense of unease that had settled over him.

Continuing to smoke, Zhang Wei's thoughts drifted back to the disturbing scene from his dream. "Isn't it ironic, how what I saw, was the same as how everything started? Killing the son, huh? By the way, do you have any idea about that woman..." His voice trailed off, leaving behind a subtle smile.


Yuanshi's cryptic words, "It indeed started the same way, but not the way you are assuming it to be, also it has nothing to do with me. Just don't die, and wait for me to come for you," only served to deepen the mystery around Zhang Wei.

"Come for me?" His voice echoed, the concept of willingly submitting to an entity like Yuanshi far from his comprehension.

"Of course, when I need a slave, or do you want to submit now, that would work with me," Yuanshi prodded, seemingly amused by the notion.

Zhang Wei could only shake his head, puzzled by Yuanshi's fixation on enslaving him.

At its level of power, where even celestial beings were considered insignificant, why the insistence on him, specifically?

The idea of submission, especially to an entity as powerful and potentially manipulative as Yuanshi, seemed ridiculous to Zhang Wei — Yet, it also signified, he had something which it needs, and as along as Zhang Wei, doesn't hand it over, he is safe!

Despite the day's unsettling events, Zhang Wei felt he had gleaned some crucial insights.

The system that had been a part of his life was perhaps not just a mere anomaly but something intertwined with his very soul, possibly a link to a past life he had yet to fully understand.

The notion that his current life as Zhang Wei could be entangled with the existence of a Heavenly Emperor from another time was both fascinating and daunting.

However, the prospect of diving into those memories, of possibly uncovering truths about himself that could change everything, did not appeal to him.

He preferred to navigate life as Zhang Wei, not as some celestial ruler whose past deeds and burdens were now shadows stretching into his present.

Yet, in the midst of his assumptions and determination to retain his autonomy, Zhang Wei perhaps underestimated the complexity of his thoughts.

His assumptions, while comforting, might be far removed from the actual truth—a truth that was far more different than he could have have imagined!

A twist that none of them, could have anticipated!


In the dimly lit streets of South Qingyun, under the cover of night:


"Guess the name 'Heavenly Emperor' isn't half bad," Zhang Wei mused, his thoughts conflicted as he strolled leisurely, taking in the sights of the unfamiliar streets. Since moving to the North district, he had seldom ventured to this part of town.

His attention was caught by the glowing sign of the Little Louts Orphanage, adorned with twinkling lights, which left him slightly perplexed, prompting a reminder from the system:

[Lin Ruoxi has renovated this property and injected additional funds into it.]

Zhang Wei's brow furrowed. "She did this?"

System: [She goes to great lengths for you to notice her. That woman has had a change of heart.]

Zhang Wei: "Oh."

System: [Perhaps you should pay her more attention?]

"No need," Zhang Wei dismissed immediately, hands casually placed behind his head as he strolled towards the orphanage.

System: [...]

It puzzled the system why Zhang Wei was suddenly displaying such hostility towards her today.

But alas, brother reigned supreme!

What could she possibly do about it?

As Zhang Wei neared the entrance, his sharp eyes caught sight of two figures standing there, prompting him to swiftly transform into a shadow.


He melded into the darkness beneath the tree's canopy, observing with stealthy intent. Today, his mood was far from amiable.

Images of the Heavenly Emperor and the woman, Lian'er, swirled relentlessly in his mind, weighing heavily upon him.

Yet, the scene before him managed to elicit a smile. "Interesting... Ye Feng and Shi Jingjing? Could they be related?" he whispered to himself, his gaze fixed on Shi Jingjing, dapped in a vibrant red attire.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng, clad in shabby clothing, seemed to linger nearby like an useless bug.

Zhang Wei watched as Shi Jingjing bid him farewell, departing in a taxi.

Their interaction lacked any hint of intimacy.

As the taxi vanished into the creeping twilight, Ye Feng drifted towards the tree under which Zhang Wei lay concealed, his shoulders heavy as if bearing the weight of the world.

Leaning against the rough bark, he dialed a number, his voice a low murmur against the rustle of leaves.

Zhang Wei, hidden in the shadow, caught snippets of the conversation.

Ye Feng spoke into the phone, his voice tinged with resignation, "Jingjing's life is plain, Jane. I only see her as my sister, nothing more."

Jane's voice, light yet probing, floated back, "But your words paint a different picture. It seems she harbors feelings for you."

He sighed, a sound heavy with complexities, "It's complicated, Jane. Matters of the heart can't be forced. I regard her as nothing more than a younger sister."

Silence followed, a testament to the tangled web of emotions and social expectations.

A nauseating wave of disgust washed over Zhang Wei as he listened in.

When Ye Feng departed on foot, Zhang Wei emerged from the shadows with a bitter scowl, muttering under his breath, "This piece of shit is still breathing!?"

Surprised yet compelled by curiosity, Zhang Wei trailed behind Ye Feng, determined to uncover how this "piece of shit" managed to survive.

Following him discreetly, Zhang Wei watched with a mix of curiosity and disdain as Ye Feng purchased cheap beer, his path home lit by the dim glow of streetlights.

Zhang Wei's frown deepened, his distaste growing in the cool night air.

Upon reaching a modest, double-storey house nestled within a simple neighborhood, Ye Feng paused at the entrance.

"Sister Li! Would you still not open the door?" Ye Feng's shout broke the silence, abrupt and laden with desperation.

Instantly, the neighborhood plunged into darkness as lights flicked off, one by one—a collective sigh from the community, weary of this all-too-familiar spectacle.


The kitchen window of the house creaked open, and a woman with a mature allure leaned out, her face bathed in the soft glow from within.

Her hair was coiled into an elegant bun, casting a silhouette that made Ye Feng's heart race. 'To be trampled by her is a privilege,' he mused silently, even as Li Liying's frown broken through his daydream.

"I told you, Xiao Feng, not to come here until you've given up drinking!" Her voice was sharp, a contrast to the gentle glow of her face.

With that, the window slammed shut with a definitive bam.


The window's closure echoed Ye Feng's sinking heart. He sighed, a gesture of utter defeat, and turned away, heading towards a house across the street.

But calling it a house seemed generous; it was more a broken shack, its sorry state making even Zhang Wei's eyes twitch in disdain.

Zhang Wei pondered, his confusion evident. "Doesn't Ye Feng earn enough from his mercenary work? Why does he live so frugally?" Yet, he couldn't deny the woman's allure; her beauty was undeniable.

On any ordinary day, Zhang Wei would have simply walked away, dismissing the scene as none of his concern.

But today was different.

A spark of mischief ignited within him, a desire to break the monotony and perhaps, to stir the still waters of his own mood.

He cleared his throat subtly and began to transform his appearance. Stepping to the side, he deftly slipped into a pair of traditional Tang suit adorned with majestic dragon imprints, its fabric whispering tales of ancient nobility and valor.

With a swift motion, he called Lin Ruoxi, requesting the dispatch of a Rolls Royce to his current location.

By the time the Rolls Royce glided to a stop, Zhang Wei had already reinvented himself, now the picture of elegance and sophistication. He instructed the driver to wait with the car, a silent sentinel in the night, and approached the door of the modest double-storey house.

Knock... Knock...

The door creaked open, and Li Liying peered out, her suspicion evident in the narrow gaze she cast upon the stranger before her.

"You are...?" She asked, suspicious and slightly taken aback, by his appearance.

Zhang Wei, with a confidence borne of status and wealth, offered her a smile that was both disarming and polished.

"Good evening, Lady. This one here would be Zhang Wei, Chairman of Tianyi Entertainment," he introduced himself, extending a card embossed with the sleek logo of his corporation.

The card felt heavy and metallic, imbued with the weight of his reputation.


Li Liying's eyes flickered with a hint of doubt as she accepted the card, her gaze darting from the man before her to the luxurious Rolls Royce parked outside—a silent evidence to the truth of his claims.

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