My Celestial Ascension-Chapter 424 A Monster From The Legend

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Chapter 424 A Monster From The Legend

"Have you finished the task, dear?"?Anna questioned with a smile, noting?Yuan's?return with Xi Meili by his side after dealing with the Blood Fang Boars.

"Naturally, I managed to kill them all and put them inside my spatial ring; we now have a lot of fresh meat on hand."?Yuan instantly responded with a nod and plummeted to the earth, storing his blade in his system storage.

"Xi Meili assisted hubby greatly, so?I will have a generous piece of wonderful dinner later."?Xi Meili spoke forward with a pleased smile?and her eyes flashing with enthusiasm.

"Is that true... Then?I'll?make something special for Xi Meili, hehe!"?Anna laughed after hearing Xi?Meili's?words.

"Yay!?I'm?quite excited!"?Xi Meili screams and leaps in joy, making Mireya and Valeria laugh at her juvenile behavior.

Sylvia approached him quietly and?began to study?him from head to toe as if she were searching for something in his body.

"I?couldn't?detect anything exceptional about you, so how?were you able to?fly with a sword? Is it because the sword is a powerful old artifact?"?She muttered,?her face?perplexed as she stared at Yuan, who appeared dazed.

"There is no way for a person to fly unless they use a powerful artifact; your weapon must be an?ancient?powerful artifact."?Sylvia thought, and nothing else came to mind.

King Richard and the representatives from the other nations arrived on horses and looked at Yuan with curiosity.

Yuan was dissatisfied with their treatment of him, and being stared at that way made him feel like a strange animal on display, which he disliked.

King Richard and Crown Prince Daniel observed?Yuan's?displeasure with their behavior towards him and could only sigh inwardly, not saying anything.

One thing was?certain?after?yesterday's?battle: Yuan was not someone they could approach casually, nor was he someone they should look down on since they managed to survive with fewer deaths.

"I?never?would've?believed it if I?hadn't?seen it with my own?two?eyes. I must say,?you're?like a box stuffed with mysteries, Yuan."?King Richard spoke while standing?in front of?Yuan, his gaze surveying him from head to toe.

"You startled us by demonstrating your ability to fly, Yuan."?Daniel nodded and continued,?"This is the first time?I've?seen a human fly in the sky; not even Archmages like these two can do this."

"Yes,"?Archmage Isadora agreed and sighed.?"We're?great wizards, yet flight is still impossible?for us."

She soon?went on to say,?"Many mages are researching to construct a spell that will allow them to fly over the sky, but none of the tests have worked, and no one can fly right now."

"Seeing you and the gorgeous demi-human girl soaring,?we're?really intrigued by how you did it; after all, no one has succeeded in flying till now."?Archmage Isadora spoke, her eyes bright with delight and expectation.

'Her tone indicated she was speaking to me. I can sense her desperation to acquire the secret from me...Unfortunately for her,?it's?not a magical spell, but rather the natural avarice of humans.'?Yuan pondered, as he had expected something similar to happen before.

"Sorry, but?it's?not what?you're?thinking, Miss Isadora,"?Yuan abruptly told Archmage Isadoa.

"Mr. Yuan, what do you mean by that?"?Yuan's?statements perplexed Archmage Isadora, who gazed at him?with a troubled expression.

"Mr. Yuan, please refrain from joking with us. There is no possibility we could make a mistake."?Archmage Eldrick Stormcaller laughed aloud.

"Mr. Eldrink,"?Grace came in, calling Archmage Eldrick by?name,?with an icy, murderous smirk?on her face.

"Aren't?you a strong archmage? You should have been able to tell whether my darling and Meili utilized anything as ineffective as magic?or not, so why are you doubting us?"

Archmage?Eldrick's?face twisted in disgust as he heard?Grace's?harsh and frigid comments. He felt humiliated and clenched his teeth in despair, attempting to contain his fury.

Archangel Isadora disregarded Archmage Eldrick and approached Grace.?"Miss,?could you?please tell us what you are trying to say? I?don't?comprehend at all."

"I?apologize, but I do not think we?will be able to?explain it to you.?It's?a family secret, so?don't?expect us to share it.'?Yuan swiftly rebuffed her before his mother, Grace, could speak.

'I?see…?He?doesn't?want to talk with?them?and believes?it's?a waste of?time.'?Grace grinned within.

"What if we wanted to buy the secret from you?"?Archmage Eldrick spoke abruptly in an arrogant tone, a big grin on his face.

'You may be powerful, but in the end,?you're?just a kid; a few thousand gold pieces will suffice to extract the secret from your mouth.'?Archmage Eldrick smirked deviously.

"There is no negotiation for this."Yuan refused him casually, which enraged Archamage Eldeick.

However, having already experienced Yuan and hiswives'strength, he was able to suppress his fury and sighed. Furthermore, General Valeria was nowYuan'swife, thus upsetting Yuan would also offend her.

'Sigh!'So close but so far...'Archamge Isadora sighed quietly, knowing shewould be unable toreveal the information to Yuan or his wives.

King Richard sensed the uneasy mood and moved the ambassadors from other nations away from Yuan and his wives to avoid starting an altercation.

As they marched towards theforest'scenter, they faced numerous formidable monsters,the majorityof which were S-

rank monsters.

As they moved farther into the forest, they saw fewer low-

ranking monsters and more high-ranking monsters. However, Yuan did not assist them in dealing with the creatures.

Instead, he dispatched the Monroe sisters to deal with the S-

rank monsters; while their cultivation was insufficient to combatS-rank monsters, the weapons they possessed were rather powerful, so they would have no trouble fighting against S-rank monsters.

Because Yuan did not join the fight and Rose, Julie, andAva'scultivation isratherlow, fifteen people died fighting the S-rank monsters, while thirty were gravely injured.

However, because they have healing potions on hand to heal their wounds, theyare savedandtheir woundsare healed, but as a result of using healing potions, they are severely weary.

Later, Yuan became aware of a tremendous presence ahead and immediately halted his steps. He then instantly used his divine sense to determine what kind of monsterwas obstructingtheir route.

As soon as he deployed his divine sense, he noticed a gigantic wolf blocking their path a few hundred metersdistantfrom their current location.

'What kind of wolf is it? I sensed a powerfulmurderousaura...This monster is far stronger than anythingI'veseen previously.'Yuan'sexpression shifted fromseriousto excited.

Not only did he detect the creature, but Anna, Grace, Emma, Xi Meili, and Lily did as well, using their divine sense to locate it, and their looks became serious when they saw the gigantic wolf.

Valeria, Mireya, Leah, and Sylvia exchanged bewildered looks before Valeria inquired,"Yuan, what happened? Why did you all come to a stop so abruptly? Did you spot the monster ahead?"

"Indeed,"Yuan agreed with a huge grinon his faceas if he was looking forward to something."Don'tworry,I'lltake care of it shortly."

"Do you need my help?"She inquired as she spotted the fighting attitude inYuan'seyes.

"Nah,I'mmore than capable of handling this little wolf."Yuan swiftly pulled his Empyreal Oblivion from his system storage and vanished, leaving Valeria, Mireya, and Sylvia stunned.

Valeria turned back after Yuan had left and asked Anna,"Mother-

in-law Anna, do you happen to know what kind of monster Yuan is going to fight?"

Before responding, Anna sighed deeply."It'sa formidable Peak SS-Rank monster—a Dark Flame Wolf!"Anna said this in aserioustone.

"A-A, Dark Flame Wolf?!Isn'tthat the SS-rank monster from the legend?"Mireya almost burst out in amazement when she heard this; shecouldn'tbelieve her ears.

"Indeed,"Grace replied, nodding."It'sthe same wolf we heard stories about when we were younger. A ferocious monster that employs black flames to reduce everything in its path to ash."

"Acreature that puts fear into the minds of those who heard the term,"Rose whispered in a low voice, her expression filled with amazement."The last reported sighting of this creature was five hundred years ago; it is supposed to have destroyed a city before disappearing, never to be seen again."

Mireya, Sylvia, Valeria, and Leah grow concerned aboutYuan'ssafety as they learn whatkind ofcreature he will face. However, Anna and the others convinced them that Yuan would be unharmed.

At this point, everyone else began to sense themonster'soverwhelming presence and the immense violent aura it emitted, and the majorityof them froze in horror, their bodies no longer moving independently.

"W-What was that violent atmosphere I felt just now?It'squite powerful!"

"What kind of creature is blocking our way?We'relosing control of our bodies just by being present!"

"It appears that we are all going to perish today!"People'sstartled and scared murmurs filled the air, everyone was quivering with fear, and the horses refused to continuefurtherbecause they sensed danger.

Meanwhile, Yuan appeared behind thebigwolf, which was looking in the direction of everyone and releasing a powerful aura from its body.

When the wolf sensedYuan'spresence from behind, it leaped back and gazed at him with a furious expression, killing intent radiating from its eyes.

"Roaaarrrr!!!"The wolf let out a piercing roar, and the dark flame surrounding his body intensified, making the surroundings extremelyhot,andcausing the ground to melt.

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