Reincarnated As a Fox With System-Chapter 820 : Re-Encounter!

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Chapter 820 Chapter 820: Re-Encounter!

Tang Li Xue sat cross-legged on the floor and put her smooth palm on her chin while frowning deeply.

Little Loki jumped onto Tang Li Xue's lap and lay down lazily while Yaya landed on Tang Li Xue's left shoulder and sat leisurely there.

"That scary woman is surely troublesome. I can only hope she cannot get out of that room and look for us." Tang Li Xue muttered in a tone filled with worry while petting Little Loki's tiny furry body until it purred comfortably.

"So, what is our next plan? Should we try to check if the treasures with star energy are really in that luxurious room, or should we just skip it and go straight to check the second floor instead?" The perfect copy sat across Tang Li Xue and curiously asked.

Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead with her slender fingers and bit her pink lips while pondering their next moves carefully for a few moments.

"I think we should still split into two teams, so if we bump into that scary woman again on our way, we can easily run away from her like before." Tang Li Xue concluded.

Even if her perfect copy bumped into that beautiful lady in a fancy red dress later, Tang Li Xue only needed to re-summon her perfect copy to her side easily.

In short, Tang Li Xue planned to use their usual old '[Swap] and re-summon' trick to play hide and seek with the beautiful lady in a fancy red dress until they managed to find the precious treasures with star energy.

Tang Li Xue stood up while telling the others about her plan: "All right, then the team composition will be the same as before. I and Yaya will explore the second floor, while you and Little Loki will try to check the luxurious room on the first floor again to see if that scary woman is still inside that room."

The perfect copy frowned in displeasure and complained: "Why does it have to be me?! Can we just exchange the task?! I do not want to see that scary woman! And why the heck do you always give me the most dangerous and difficult task?!"

Tang Li Xue smiled beautifully and patted her perfect copy's shoulder while saying in an encouraging tone and giving her a thumbs up: "Because I believe you can do it~! I believe you can surpass my expectations, go beyond it, and plus ultra~!"

The perfect copy's pink lips twitched when she saw Tang Li Xue's thick-faced shamelessness.

However, the perfect copy only rolled her topaz blue eyes disdainfully since she was too lazy to argue back and forth with Tang Li Xue while they were still under the huge threat of that scary woman in a fancy red dress.

Tang Li Xue immediately brought Yaya and quickly went on a split way with her perfect copy and Little Loki because that scary woman could find them anytime, so it would be much safer for them to split up as soon as possible.

After using the [Swap] skill to exchange location with her perfect copy before she re-summoned her perfect copy back to her side, both Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy were currently in the basement.

This Medicine Garden Palace was very big, so Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy believed that there should be more than one way for them to head upstairs to the first and second floors.

After Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy went in two different directions, both of them activated their [Ethereal Form] and [Art of Concealment] to turn completely invisible and undetectable.

But despite that, they were still attacked by the groups of dried corpses they encountered on their way.

Even they still had no clue why those dried corpses could still sense or detect them after they activated their [Ethereal Form] and [Art of Concealment].

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy had already gotten sick of fighting these dried corpses, but it seemed they had no choice other than to defeat all the dried corpses that attacked them on their way.

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy even tried if they could pass through the walls or ceiling in their [Ethereal Form], but it completely failed since this entire Medicine Garden Palace should be shrouded by a protective formation.

Tang Li Xue even wondered if she could create a giant heavy hammer with her [Energy Manipulation] and use it to make a hole in the ceiling, but she quickly shook her head to deny that idea since it might make this entire Medicine Garden Palace completely collapse.

She clearly could not take that risk before she could find the precious treasures with star energies in this Medicine Garden Palace.

Without any way of cheating, Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy could only look for some ways to head toward the first and second floors honestly.

After defeating dozens of dried corpses with Yaya's help, Tang Li Xue was the first one who found the stairs heading to the first floor.

When Tang Li Xue and Yaya stepped back onto the first floor, they immediately raised their vigilance to the maximum since there was a very high chance that the scary woman in a fancy red dress should be still on the first floor.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya carefully wandered around the first floor in order to find the stairs heading to the second floor while defeating the dried corpses that were attacking them on their way.

Who knew that Tang Li Xue and Yaya had pretty good luck, but it was her perfect copy and Little Loki who had bad luck this time?!


The dried corpses in neat formation suddenly unleashed a rain of spells toward the perfect copy and Little Loki.

The perfect copy activated her [Reflective Barrier] without any hesitation while Little Loki used its [Instant Teleportation] to avoid their spells.

The rain of spells flew back toward the dried corpses after they collided with the perfect copy's [Reflective Barrier].

While the dried corpses were busily trying to defend themselves against their own spells that got reflected back by the perfect copy's [Reflective Barrier], Little Loki suddenly appeared right behind them as it activated its [Phantom Splitters] to split into ten identical figures.

[Flash and Slash] plus [Scythe Claw Qi]~!


Little Loki and its clones easily decimated all of the dried corpses as if they were cutting the melons and vegetables.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not even need to do anything to help.

"Oh, there are stairs over there~! Let's go Little Kitten~!" The perfect copy happily pointed her finger at the stairs dozens of meters from them.

Little Loki angrily glared at Tang Li Xue's perfect copy when it heard she called it Little Kitten again.

Little Loki harrumphed in rage as it left the perfect copy behind and ran alone toward the stairs.

But Little Loki suddenly halted its step right before it stepped onto the stairs.

When the perfect copy saw Little Loki with its furs and tails erected, she immediately felt that something was wrong she quickly hastened her steps toward Little Loki while asking in a teasing tone: "What is wrong, Little Kitten? Do you want to take a pee-pee?"

However, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy abruptly caught a glimpse of something red above the stairs!

Before Tang Li Xue's perfect copy could even have any time to react...


The beautiful lady in a fancy red dress already let out her earth-

shattering shrill scream while rushing forward swiftly toward the perfect copy!

The perfect copy fell into unbearable headache and dizziness as if her head was struck by a heavy hammer because of the scary lady's shrill scream!

Just when the scary lady's sharp claws almost reached the perfect copy's neck, Little Loki already jumped and headbutted the perfect copy's waist from the right side!

The staggered perfect copy fell down onto the ground, but thanks to that, she was saved from the scary lady's claws!

Little Loki might also feel headache and dizziness because of the scary lady's shrill scream, but the effect was much milder than what Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy felt thus it could still push Tang Li Xue's perfect copy away to save her from the scary lady's attack.

However, the scary lady in the fancy red dress clearly would not give up just like that, so she threw a powerful kick at Little Loki instead!


Little Loki's tiny furry head was broken apart in an instant by the scary lady's powerful kick!

The scary lady in the fancy red dress has the cultivation at the great perfection of Nascent Soul Stage, so her strength was unimaginably powerful!

How could Little Loki in its tiny kitten form withstand the full-

powered kick from that scary lady in the fancy red dress?!

But who knew that Little Loki's tiny furry figure actually turned into a clump of black smoke and reformed back to the complete Little Loki in a second?!

Yes, that Little Loki was clearly not a real one, but only one of its [Phantom Splitter]'s clones!

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