Shadow Hack-Chapter 989 - 989 Yin Emperor Perishes

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989 Yin Emperor Perishes

Li Yunmu’s body was filled with devil energy, and purple devil patterns were constantly flickering on his body. At that moment, he had fully turned into a devil.

The reason why Li Yunmu didn’t dare to use the devil energy freely was because every time he turned into a devil, he fell even deeper into the devil path.

But when all was said and done, the devil transformation still gave him benefits. In a moment, his injuries recovered under devil energy’s influence. Even his hand, which had been destroyed, regrew.

Yin Emperor, who watched him from the other side, didn’t know what sort of method Li Yunmu had used to pull something like that. He had planned to watch Li Yunmu die under heavenly punishment. And if the youth didn’t die, then Yin Emperor would supply the last attack.

But he didn’t expect that Li Yunmu would surprisingly recover all of a sudden, which made Yin Emperor extremely furious. He could no longer continue watching Li Yunmu, who was emitting devil energy, without doing anything.

Li Yunmu, who had undergone the devil transformation, made him feel dread. Yin Emperor had never imagined that this person standing in front of him was surprisingly hiding his strength, which was evenly matched with heavenly dao.

After seeing that, the resolve in Yin Emperor’s heart became even stronger. He couldn’t allow Li Yunmu to survive. If he transcended the tribulation, no one would be his opponent then.

Thus, Yin Emperor formed an attack in his hand and threw it toward Li Yunmu. It was blocked by the devil energy surrounding Li Yunmu, which stunned Yin Emperor.

The heavenly punishment was about to descend, and Yin Emperor knew that if he didn’t do anything, Li Yunmu would most probably advance.

Yin Emperor clenched his teeth and took out his long sword before rushing toward Li Yunmu. The sword was pointed at Li Yunmu’s back as he congealed his most powerful attack.

But Li Yunmu was on guard against Yin Emperor. He hadn’t expected that Yin Emperor would charge at him, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Li Yunmu used his body to forcefully block Yin Emperor’s attack instead of evading or dodging it. Yin Emperor was overjoyed by the sight of it, but the next instant, his expression changed. His long sword did not cut Li Yunmu’s skin.

Instead, it shattered into pieces.

When Yin Emperor got close, a faint smile appeared on Li Yunmu’s face. His body had been tempered for a long time, so how could an attack from Yin Emperor hurt him?

“Have you come to help me transcend this tribulation? It seems like you are a really good person!”

Li Yunmu looked at Yin Emperor with a sinister smile before grabbing the man in a tight embrace.

“What are you doing? Damn it! Quickly, let go of me!”

Yin Emperor sensed the heavenly punishment slowly descending above them and felt terrified. Li Yunmu’s heavenly punishment wasn’t something that his frail body could take.

But regardless of how much Yin Emperor struggled, he wasn’t able to escape Li Yunmu’s hold. Li Yunmu was firmly holding him while waiting for the heavenly punishment.

Soon after, the two of them came in contact with the heavenly punishment. With the sound of an explosion, the sky which had turned dark was again illuminated as if it was day.

At that moment, Li Yunmu was amazed to discover that the devil energy in his body was slowly scattering while resisting the heavenly punishment. It has to be known that the lightning was extremely pure so the two cancelled each other out.

Fortunately, Li Yunmu had pulled Yin Emperor to face the tribulation together with him; otherwise, he would have been turned into ashes long ago, let alone the heavenly punishment helping him cancel out the devil energy.

Yin Emperor, whom he held in a tight hug, helped him by receiving a part of the heavenly punishment’s might. Because of it, the strength of the devil energy and heavenly punishment were equally matched.

At that moment, Yin Emperor had already lost consciousness. He didn’t have a tyrannical body like Li Yunmu so his body was already on the verge of breaking apart.

He slowly turned black.

Li Yunmu looked at Yin Emperor and then stopped paying attention. At that moment, the devil energy in his body had been completely wiped out.

He could be considered to have returned to his peak state, but at a price. The devil transformation and demonic transformation had completely vanished, becoming unusable forever.

But Li Yunmu wasn’t worried about it. The only thing he was worried about was that although the energy of the heavenly punishment had almost been used up, the remaining energy may still be something that he could not resist.

Yin Emperor turned into ashes at that moment, while Li Yunmu had to confront the remaining heavenly punishment. His presence reached the peak then.


The full energy of heavenly punishment descended on Li Yunmu’s body. In a split second, his face turned pale like paper, and the chaotic lightning energy began to destroy his internal organs.

Li Yunmu sensed that he was unable to resist it. In the moment of desperation, he sacrificed several of his shadows to fight against it.

When the final explosion occurred, Li Yunmu had sacrificed all his shadows to form the final attack. The enormous energies collided and terrifying shockwaves spread everywhere.

When the light scattered, Li Yunmu’s body was heavily injured. At that moment, his condition was extremely bad. Even his breath was fluctuating between existing and not.

Li Yunmu was lying in the crater created by the last attack. He could be considered to have transcended the heavenly punishment, and a seven-colored cloud appeared in the sky.

It was something that showed up whenever a person successfully stepped into the emperor realm. It conducted the final baptism of the person who passed the tribulation.

A ray of light fell on Li Yunmu’s body from the cloud. Although he was a blade that would defy the heavens, the rules of heaven could not be changed.

Although the heavenly dao desired to wipe Li Yunmu out, it was unable to do it. It still had to send out the seven-colored cloud to baptize and turn him into an emperor.

When the light beam fell on Li Yunmu’s body, his injuries began to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye. Once it was done, his body became as good as before.

After Li Yunmu recovered, he quickly stood up. He sat down cross-legged and began to absorb the baptizing energy descending from the seven-colored cloud.

Every emperor had to do that. The stronger their heavenly punishment, the more baptizing energy they would receive. At that moment, the baptism received by Li Yunmu was several times more formidable than that of Xuan Chen.

Due to the baptising energy, not only did all his injuries recover, even his flux energy became completely different. An ordinary heavenly emperor could easily take several years to complete this process.

The Li Yunmu at that moment was completely different from before. If Yin Emperor appeared in front of him then, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he would be killed with one punch.

Li Yunmu stood up, took a deep breath, and sensed the energy in his body. This was the heavenly emperor realm?!