Taking the Mafia to the Magic World-Chapter 712 Reclusion in the Midst of the Hunt

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Chapter 712 Reclusion in the Midst of the Hunt?

Vicente carefully divided the vampire blood, considering what each of his companions could safely absorb.",

Despite the magical benefits of vampire blood and its theoretical harmlessness to a magician's body, there was a maximum amount that could be effectively used. The limit was influenced by the strength of the vampire providing the blood and the capacity of the magician receiving it. Exceeding it meant the additional blood would have no helpful effect.

For the Earth Sovereigns in his group—Layla, Lina, Sarah, and Casey—Vicente allocated about 800 milliliters each, quickly measuring it into matching vials.

He then distributed the remaining 4 liters of blood, giving Rory up to his limit of 1.2 liters. This left 2.7 liters, which Vicente apportioned among his two dark slaves, allotting 1.5 liters to Torne and the remaining 1.3 liters to Onyx.

Vicente gave Onyx the muscles harvested from the bodies of the four vampires, which were unsuitable for creating artificial, magical resources.

Once everyone had consumed their allocated share, Vicente stepped away from the group and moved to the entrance of the cave, preparing to release Torne from his body.

Torne quickly consumed the vampire blood and then returned to the inside of Vicente's consciousness space, where he could cultivate to absorb the blood without attracting the attention of his master's companions.

With that safely done, Vicente returned to the side of his staff and sat down in a meditation posture to fully recover from the previous battle.

He would cultivate for only a few more hours, and when all his injuries were healed and his mana was at its best, he would wake up to check on his companions.

They would all obviously be still cultivating. Vicente knew nothing would happen for at least the next week, since with the amount of blood each of them had received, it would take a while for them to cultivate all the essence they had received.

Whether any of them would progress, he didn't know. But it was a fact that they might have to stay there for up to 20 days because of Onyx and Torne!

So, after recovering, Vicente would study his materials for the 5th stage forge, as well as work on the armor destroyed in the previous battle.


In the blink of an eye, 12 days had passed since Vicente's group had fought the four vampires!

Those were 12 quiet days, during which Vicente was mostly the only one conscious in the cave, using his time to improve his knowledge.

He repaired all of his companions' robotic armor during those days, as well as creating new units and even support artifacts for his companions.

Since he was in a very interesting cave to cultivate in secret, there were no worrisome problems to interfere with his friends' cultivation these days.

At most, he'd had a few run-ins with magical monsters while hunting and eating in the surrounding area. But since he was already very strong, he had encountered no problems that could have put him in danger during those days.

Yesterday afternoon, the first of his companions to end her post-vampire blood consumption seclusion had finally awakened from her condition!

Sarah had once again been the first to finish her cultivation after consuming vampire blood, and her strength had improved.

Previously, she had been at the beginning of the Earth Sovereign level when they left the Seidel Kingdom. Although she was one of the first to reach that level in the group, she wasn't as young as the others there, who could cultivate faster than her with the same level of talent and cultivation.

But along the way, she had reached the middle of her level, and now that she had finished consuming vampire blood, she had reached the absolute peak of an Earth Sovereign.

As long as nothing terrible happened to her, she could become a Sky Sovereign in a few weeks!

After her, the next person to complete his cultivation was Casey, who had completed his cultivation this morning and had not become a Sky Sovereign like Sarah. However, Casey was very close to it, and he could advance in the next few days or weeks.

Unlike Casey and Sarah, Layla, who hadn't been lucky enough to absorb vampire blood in Saltstar City, made much more use of the opportunity, having completed her cultivation 35 minutes ago by solidifying her mana at the beginning of the Sky Sovereign level!

It naturally thrilled the three awakened group members, and they congratulated her on her achievement.

For someone with an ability as good as hers to become stronger was crucial for the group's future journey!

While Layla was smiling and chatting with Vicente, Casey and Sarah, the four of them suddenly changed their expressions when they felt Lina's magic fluctuating.

"She's advancing too!" Sarah said in surprise, not expecting her companions' cultivation results to be so good.

But for someone who had never absorbed vampire blood before, this opportunity was really so good that it could shorten these women's cultivation path by months or even years!

Vicente imagined that the efficiency of someone who had never ingested vampire blood would be at least 50% higher than those who had, so he wasn't surprised.

When Lina's cultivation stopped rising and stabilized at the beginning of the Sky Sovereign level, all four young awakened ones celebrated for her and the group.

By reaching a new level, Lina could certainly make better and more comprehensive predictions about the future, but she could also use her ability for a longer period. This was not only good for her, but very good for the entire group who had her as their principal support!

"Congratulations on your breakthrough, Lina," Vicente was the first to say something to her, then hugged her and congratulated her on her progress.

Because of the vampire blood, she had advanced in level in just over a year after becoming a Sovereign!

This was an impressive cultivation speed, even faster than Vicente's!

"That's because of you," Lina said as she marveled at her own powers, feeling the mana in her body pulsing with the beat of her heart. "Without the opportunities you've given me over the past few months, I'd be a long way from moving forward. Thank you all, especially you, Vicente."

Vampire blood was indeed precious. Vicente had also used vampire blood to become a Sky Sovereign, but these people used even more of this essence than he had back then.

Anyway, the group would stay there for a few more days, with Rory being the next to awaken, without advancing, of course, since he had recently become a Sky Sovereign. Still, the vampire blood had increased his powers by over 30%, bringing him up to almost halfway to the end of the 4th stage.

Onyx and Torne would need a few more days after Rory's awakening, but at the end of their month-long stay in this cave, they would also complete their cultivation!

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