The Cult Leader in the Clergy Academy-Chapter 205

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Chapter 205

"Going on a trip without bringing alcohol is insane," Yu-Hyun said without an ounce of shame for his actions.

Seeing his attitude, I was at a loss for words. I glanced at the alcohol he had brought. There were various types of drinks, including beer and expensive spirits. Among them, my attention was drawn to a particularly expensive-looking bottle decorated with purple and gold. That drink was all too familiar to me.

"...Hey, don't drink that," I said, gesturing at the bottle with my chin.

Yu-Hyun furrowed his brow, seemingly displeased, and tilted his head. "Why not? I was so excited about getting this."

“If I say don't drink it, then don't drink it," I said, glancing at Dae-Man.

Dae-Man seemed to be busy unpacking, but he was still listening to our conversation.

"...I'll tell you the reason later."

It wasn't something we could discuss in front of Dae-Man. The drink was from Yeom Man-Gun's factory and was engraved with an intoxication spell. When the cap was opened, it would break a small band, activating a small amount of the engraved intoxication spell, which would then infuse itself within the drink.

It didn't matter if other clergymen enjoyed the drink made by Yeom Man-Gun. The fact that Yeom Man-Gun's alcohol was doing well meant that the Voodoo Cult’s financial situation was improving. However, I couldn't just stand by and watch the people around me drink that alcohol.

Drunk people were dangerous. Moreover, those intoxicated by a spell were even more dangerous because they would be unpredictable. If someone as big and strong as Dae-Man drank the alcohol, it would lead to a major accident.

"Hey, even so... this guy is the main character of this trip. It wouldn’t make sense not to open it..."

"Don't talk back to me unless you want to get beaten up."

"Hmm... I understand!" Yu-Hyun surprisingly agreed quickly.

He reluctantly put the alcohol made by Yeom Man-Gun's factory back into the carrier, licking his lips as if he were disappointed.

While keeping an eye on me, he murmured, "But seriously, we’re not drinking it?"

"Yeah, I’ll smash your head with the bottle if you open it."

"Wow... but you’re fine with the other drinks, right? And you’re drinking as well?"

"No. Fuck off."

I didn't like alcohol. Uncle used to like it.


When the time came, we went down to the underground first-floor auditorium that Han Dae-Ho mentioned. Although it was called an auditorium, it looked more like a gym because of the various weight training equipment installed there. Dae-Man looked around with a pure, child-like smile on his face.

"I was worried about not being able to exercise, but I’m lucky!" Dae-Man tested out the exercise equipment in the auditorium.

Meanwhile, the girls and Han Dae-Ho arrived. Han Dae-Ho slung a large bag on his left shoulder. After confirming that we had all arrived, he nodded.


Han Dae-Ho plopped the bag he was carrying on his shoulder on the floor. Just by hearing it plopping down, I could tell that it harbored something incredibly heavy. He dusted his palms and placed his hand on his waist, looking around at us before speaking.

"I gathered you all here because I have something to give you." Without beating around the bush, Han Dae-Ho went straight to the point.

He began to take out items from the bag. The first thing he took out was the Moses' Burning Bush Twig, a holy artifact used for communication. He then took out an unfamiliar, necklace-shaped holy artifact. Finally, after taking out a small sphere the size of a fist, Han Dae-Ho closed the bag.

He first divided the bush twigs and necklaces between us.

"In case of an emergency, all communication should be done through the bush twig. The bush twig is also connected to other clergymen currently staying in Saudi Arabia, so it should only be used in urgent situations."

Han Dae-Ho's tone was solemn. "Next, the necklace I gave you is a defensive holy artifact. Sung Yu-Da, a former cardinal, developed it after the Holy War."

In an instant, our gazes turned toward Ha-Yeon. She trembled slightly, but other than that, she showed no particular reaction.

Han Dae-Ho cleared his throat and continued, "Islamic extremist organizations use special bullets. If you get hit by one of those bullets, you temporarily won't be able to receive the effects of blessings and healing. We don't know exactly how it works, but we suspect that some kind of substance that opposes divine power is embedded in the bullets."


The students’ expressions hardened. It was because suddenly hearing about extremist organizations and bullets when they had come here believing it was safe made them feel uneasy.

Han Dae-Ho nodded as if he understood their feelings.

He explained, "I’m just saying that such things could happen, but there's no need to be scared. As long as you wear that necklace properly, you won't die."

The necklace was a holy artifact. When worn, it’d form an invisible barrier of divine power enveloping the whole body. When hit by a strong impact like gunfire, it would absorb the impact while breaking. In other words, it was a disposable shield. Unlike other holy artifacts, the necklace had no name because its creator, Sung Yu-Da, didn't want to name it.

"Ideally, you would never be put in a situation where you have to use this necklace. Preventing such situations is also my role. Now, finally..."

Han Dae-Ho held up a small sphere the size of a fist. He infused the sphere with divine power. It stretched out from the sphere and, in the blink of an eye, transformed into the shape of a spear. It was literally a spear of light. The tip of the spear, made of divine power, shone brightly. Somehow, it looked like a familiar sight.

On the day of the practical exam, Yu-Hyun stabbed my side with a spear that looked exactly like it. Upon closer examination, there were minor differences in appearance, but in any case, they were the same in terms of being a 'spear of light.'

I briefly observed Yu-Hyun's expression. His face was rigid.

"Sung Yu-Da, the former cardinal, also made this one, so it doesn't have a name. So, you can just call it a portable spear... Well, it's not important. Just remember that it's a reliable weapon," Han Dae-Ho said and threw the spear into the sky.

The spear, which had been emitting a brilliant light, disappeared, leaving only a plain sphere. While holding it and infusing it with divine power, it maintained the shape of a spear, but it seemed to revert back to a sphere upon release.

"Anyway, we need to decide who to entrust this to. Is anyone willing to take it?" Han Dae-Ho said, bouncing the sphere on the ground.

The sphere was decently elastic, so even when it bounced on the floor, it didn't break or lose its shape. Instead, it bounced back like a basketball. In the silence, only the sound of the sphere bouncing echoed.

In a tense atmosphere where everyone was watching each other's reactions, Dae-Man cautiously raised his hand and spoke up.

"I think it's best if Director Han Dae-Ho uses it!"

"No, it'll be a loss for me to use it." Han Dae-Ho firmly shook his head.

"I can protect myself without such things. But the same can’t be said for you guys. And when the time comes to use this, I won't be by your side or in a situation where I can help you. So, one of you should have it."

"Ah, then I think Sun-Woo should have it!"

At that moment, Dae-Man suddenly recommended me. Han Dae-Ho looked at me, swinging his head from side to side.

"You know how to use a spear as well?"

I shook my head. "I don’t."

[Bossou knows how to use a spear!] Bossou interrupted and spoke, but I ignored him.

It was true that Bossou was skilled with a spear, but that didn’t mean I should carry it around. Carrying something around like that would only attract unnecessary attention and interfere with the plan to steal the Staff of Reversal from the museum.

Han Dae-Ho listened to my words and nodded.

"Right, this spear will be nothing but a burden to someone who doesn’t know how to handle one. Then, Sun-Woo, who do you think I should entrust this to?"


Han Dae-Ho handed the decision over to me.

Although it was not that big of a deal, this made me think a lot. The first person who came to mind was Yu-Hyun. I had seen him use a spear during the practical exam. However, he seemed only to know how to use a spear, not how to handle it skillfully.

"I think Jin-Seo should have it," I said, as no other person came to mind.

I had never seen her use a spear before. I only saw her use a sword during the Department of Crusaders' practical training or sparring. The idea had come from the vague thought that if she could use a sword well, she would also be good with a spear.

"Is there any particular reason?" Han Dae-Ho asked, alternating his gaze between me and Jin-Seo.

I nodded and answered, “She’s calm, can think on her feet, and would be able to make the best use of weapons during emergencies."

"Hmm... is that so?" Han Dae-Ho stroked his chin and looked at Jin-Seo.

Jin-Seo remained composed, her eyes looking down at the ground. Han Dae-Ho nodded.

"Well then, if there are no objections, we will entrust Jin-Seo with it."

"I object," Min-Seo interjected, as if she had been waiting for this moment.

She lowered her head as if organizing her thoughts, remained silent for a moment, then raised her head. "Director Han Dae-Ho, in the event of the emergency you mentioned, who would be the enemy?"

"...We can't specify the enemy to be a specific individual, as there might be an emergency situation where no enemies are in sight. However, if there was a specific enemy, it most likely would be an Islamic extremist organization or the Satanists."

"Aren't the Islamic extremist organizations people too?"

"They are indeed people."

"So, you’re saying that in the case of an emergency, Jin-Seo should stab people with that spear," Min-Seo said arrogantly.

Han Dae-Ho's expression gradually hardened as he listened to her.

"In that case, Jin-Seo cannot do it. She would definitely hesitate right before stabbing the person. A moment of hesitation could result in a fatal outcome, so it would be better if I...”

"I realized I didn’t mention this." Han Dae-Ho interrupted Min-Seo.

The veins on Han Dae-Ho's arm bulged while he held the sphere.

"This is a non-lethal weapon. It's a weapon designed solely for subduction. To put it simply, you can think of it as a slightly elongated taser."


"I can't give you a real spear. It could lead to unpredictable consequences, and it might even become a matter of forcing someone to commit murder."

Min-Seo stood there with her mouth half open, at a loss for words. Han Dae-Ho pointed at her with his index finger and continued speaking.

"Anyway, thank you. I almost forgot to tell you that this is a non-lethal weapon. What's your name?"


"Min-Seo... I believe you're from the Department of Crusaders, right?"


"You're sharp and intelligent. Show some more respect when you’re talking to me."

Min-Seo's expression hardened upon hearing Han Dae-Ho's words. However, she didn't complain and kept her mouth shut, as Han Dae-Ho's expression was even more stern and intimidating than hers. Han Dae-Ho's face was so menacing that one might believe he was a thug, not a clergyman.

"Even the same words can have different persuasiveness depending on how they are said. Keep that in mind."

"...Yes, understood."

"Then, if there are no further objections, I will entrust this weapon to Jin-Seo. Any objections?" Han Dae-Ho asked, but no one raised their hand.

Han Dae-Ho carelessly threw the sphere he was holding to Jin-Seo. She easily caught the ball, although it seemed to be a difficult catch because he had thrown the ball very carelessly. Han Dae-Ho smirked as he watched Jin-Seo.

"You’re athletic. Hold onto that wherever you go. You have to protect the others in case anything happens."

"Understood," Jin-Seo replied, looking at the ball in his hand.


Han Dae-Ho clapped his hands.

"Alright, that's the end of the announcements. Everyone, go up and rest." The ferocious look he had earlier had long since vanished, replaced by a smile.

I grabbed the necklace and the bush twig holy artifact he gave me and quickly headed toward the accommodations. I thought about discussing the plan to steal the Staff of Reversal from the museum with Damballa.

"Ah, Sun-Woo. You, follow me," Han Dae-Ho said.

However, Han Dae-Ho stopped me in my tracks.

"Uh... me?" I asked to confirm.

I couldn't think of any reason why Han Dae-Ho would call me separately. I hoped he would say that he had called me by accident. But unfortunately, Han Dae-Ho nodded without any hesitation.


Damn it.

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