The Famous Detective of the Red Mansion-Chapter 344: Longsheng Old Store Mysterious Event [(3)]

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Chapter 344: Longsheng Old Store Mysterious Event [(3)]

Because the plan was formulated too carefully, it exposed its flaws?

Wei Ruolan looked confused as he listened. Private Advisor Qi seemed to have guessed something, but he couldn't believe it. After a while, he hesitated and said, "Your Excellency, are these witnesses all... all in a gang?

Of course.

Sun Shaozong firmly said, "At the beginning, when they answered the question, it was no different from the confession made half a month ago, and I felt that there was something fishy going on.

Later on, they were able to answer all the trivial details fluently, and I was certain that there must be some tricks involved. There are certainly people who never forget, but dont you find it strange to encounter so many of them all at once, Private Advisor Qi?

It is indeed a little strange.

Private Advisor Qi hesitated and said, "But they really don't have any connection with each other. Besides, not everyone is like this. Isn't that why Manager Zhao was vague?


Sun Shaozong chuckled and said, "He is not the only one who is vague, but also the only witness who did not personally see the deceased on the afternoon of April 7th.

The only witness who didnt see the deceased on the afternoon of April 7th?

Private Advisor Qi was thoughtful, but Wei Ruolan sneered, "Are you confused? Isn't there another Zhang-Zhou here? She just heard some noise next door. How can we say that Manager Zhao is the only one


Private Advisor Qi suddenly interrupted his words with excitement and said excitedly, "I understand your meaning. Assuming that all the witnesses except for Manager Zhao were conspirators, it wasn't some horse-faced deceased who was talking to Zhang Kai at that time, but his wife Zhang-Zhou.

That's right.

Sun Shaozong sneered and said, "Since Zhang-Zhou could hear the moans coming from the next door, wouldn't she be able to hear the more intense arguments behind her? Even if she didn't rush over to help out, she shouldn't have hidden in the room without any reaction, right?

Your Excellency is absolutely right.

Private Advisor Qi nodded heavily in agreement, but then he frowned and said with a bitter smile, "The problem is, there is really no connection between these five people. By inference alone, we cannot prove their conspiracy to murder.

That's right.

Wei Ruolan also interjected, "This is not a joke, but a heinous case of killing six people at once. How can a few strangers trust each other? And how can they be interconnected?

Sun Shaozong smiled slightly and asked, "Did Assistant Magistrate Wei forget the judgment you made in the first place? The one who can make five strangers conspire to kill is naturally the words unite against the enemy.

Sharing the same hatred and fighting together?

Yes, 'sharing the same enemy and fighting together.

Sun Shaozong jokingly said, "Although these five people are from different directions and have no contact with each other, they may have the same enemies.

Of course, there must be another person or force between them who is threading the needle, so they can work together and never leak a drop.

Who could have done it?

Wei Ruolan asked anxiously, "Why did he have to go to great lengths to design such a fantastical killing technique?! Did he have a grudge against these six people, or is there another purpose?

Sun Shaozong spread his hands and gave the expression, You ask me, who should I ask?

Wei Ruolan was a bit disappointed at first, but then breathed a sigh of relief and blurted out, "So you also have something you don't know...

Sun Shaozong rolled his eyes silently. This guy didn't think he was omniscient just now, did he?

This time, the reason why he came here to know the details of the case was not because his IQ had exceeded that of Private Advisor Qi and Ruolan Wei, but because he had accumulated more information than the two for six hundred years. People who had lived in the 1400s couldnt have seen the Orient Express Murder!

And Sun Shaozong not only read novels and movies but also personally handled similar cases. In the era of the internet, a group of people who were strangers in reality conspired to commit crimes, was not new!

So when he discovered that everyone's testimony was seriously inconsistent with the autopsy report, he already suspected this possibility.

Sun Shaozong said with a straight face, "Although I can't infer at the moment who the person behind the scenes is and what their purpose is, the grudges that can make people willingly participate in such bloody slaughter are not a frequent encounter in their whole life, and it is often difficult to hide from the people around them.

Upon hearing this, Private Master Qi's eyes lit up and he immediately said, "I'll go and call Manager Zhao, and then send the government officials to inquire about Zhang Kai's wife and sister.

Private Advisor Qi was quite clever, but unfortunately, he was related to Prince Beijing. Otherwise, Sun Shaozong wanted to take him over.

Not long after, Shopkeeper Zhao was brought in first.

Your Excellency.

As soon as he entered the door, he knelt on both knees and said mournfully, "I didn't intentionally deceive you. It's really... It's been a long time, and I can't remember it.

It seemed that he thought he was called alone because his confession was not clear enough, so he wanted to re-question.

Let me ask you.

Sun Shaozong said solemnly, "When did you meet Zhou Bajin?


Shopkeeper Zhao looked up at Sun Shaozong in surprise, then quickly lowered his head and said, "His father and I have known each other since childhood, and Zhou Bajin can be said to have been grown by my side.

So they were originally friends for generations.

Sun Shaozong was overjoyed and quickly asked, "So you should know what kind of trouble has happened to his family?

How should an adult know there has been a disaster in his family?

Shopkeeper Zhao was puzzled and said, "I never want to mention this to anyone

What are you talking about?

Wei Ruolan scolded impatiently from the side, "Tell me what kind of trouble has happened to his family?

Shopkeeper Zhao was so scared that he shrank his neck and quickly told the story of the Zhou family in detail.

It turned out that at the Shangyuan Lantern Festival six years ago, Zhou Bajin's father took Zhou Bajin and his younger brother to go shopping for the festival.

Due to Zhou Bajin's playfulness and causing trouble, he accidentally knocked over someone else's stall. Zhou's father was busy apologizing to the stall owner and forgot to take care of his young son. As a result, Zhou Bajin's younger brother was kidnapped by two women from other places, and there was no news from then on.

After Zhou's father returned home, he almost fought with his wife. In the end, he ran away in anger and traveled around the world to search for his young son. From then on, there was no news!

Zhou's mother lost her son and husband one after another, also accumulated depression, and passed away two years later.

Later, Shopkeeper Zhao took in Zhou Bajin, who was only fourteen years old at the time, and recently made him the boss of this prosperous old store.

Although they have only heard about the past of the Zhou family and couldnt determine the situation of others, the truth was already evident.


Wei Ruolan slapped the square table and gritted his teeth, cursing, "They deserved it! Good killing!

Shopkeeper Zhao was startled by him again and quickly kowtowed, "I haven't deceived you; please spare my life.

Alright, alright, Assistant Magistrate Wei is not talking about you.

Sun Shaozong waved his hand with a heavy face and said, "You go down first.

After Shopkeeper Zhao withdrew in fear, Sun Shaozong couldn't help but sigh and say, "Nowadays, only these unscrupulous traffickers can make people from all sides share the same hatred and risk their lives.

Forget it.

Wei Ruolan suddenly stood up again and said, "No matter how the case ends, I will write to His Majesty to pardon them.

This guy still has some consciousness in his heart.

If you want to request for them to be pardoned, then forget it. The law of this dynasty does not encourage revenge by blood." Sun Shaozong shook his head and then said, "However, leniency is what the question should mean.

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