The Golem Mage-Chapter 89 Finished

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Chapter 89 Finished

And just like that, piece by piece, Alec was crafting the image of the golem he wanted in his mind; he made sure his mental power was stable as he pictured the image he wanted, sang almost everything he had to carve the outline in his mind.

Regarding the hair and the body outline, Alec went into all the details; he even went as far as making sure that the eight legs were cross-checked since he wanted everything to be perfect.

He kept sending waves of metal energy into the body of the creature he was picturing; he was trying to send all the emotions, essence, and instinct he had learned from the tier 5 spider beast into his image creation.

After about fifteen minutes into the process, the people watching Alec struggle without doing anything but sitting there finally saw him smile.

"It seems Alec already made a breakthrough," the Grand Elder commented on the situation as he was still levitating in the air and had a much better understanding of what was happening.

"Show off," the patriarch said as he snorted, but the other kids could not hear his words. After all, the Grand Elder had already cast his sound domain skill in the area so they wouldn't distract Alec.

So, he is not restricted to speaking to others, but he could also affect the frequency of the telepathy message being sent as long as that person is within his domain.

"Focus on Alec, old man," the Grand Elder said to the patriarch, making him wonder who looked old between them, but he didn't argue; instead, he focused on Alec as things started to look heated.

Alec had already started to move his hands, performing different hand signs, and other hand seals were being suspended in the air as the earth elements around the air all began to come towards Alec.

And Alec brought a big piece of black metal from his space pouch and threw it into the middle of the seal formation.

Slowly, the spider legs began to take shape as the iron metal was used to form the legs as his mana and control were forcing the metal to bend to the shape he wanted; when they saw Alec using iron to create a golem, they all gasped, it was common knowledge that iron golems were the strongest golems when appropriately crafted.

But they soon noticed that Alec was not done yet as the earth elements started to take shape on top of the large iron spider legs; at first, they were confused at what was happening until the outline of a beautiful lady began to form on top of the spider legs.

It was so beautiful, even if made with earth elements, it looked like the perfect sculptor of an ancient Greek craft artificial as every detail of its body seemed to be carved to perfection.

The boys already had their mouths open as they stared at what they thought to be the most beautiful creation of their lives; the naked chest was soon covered with earth armor as Alec kept pouring his mana and the earth elements in the environment towards the new Golem.

A bright light shined on the new golem, and it shrieked towards the skies as if to express its anger and announce its birth. A large shock wave was treated as it shrieked.

"What strong presence," Arthur yelled out

[ Ding! The system has detected that you have created a captain-level golem ]

[ Insufficient mana to continue Awakening unique ability!!!]

[ Pay 5000 System Points to complete the Awakening process ( Y/N ) ]

The moment Alec saw this, he was so overjoyed, and without wasting any more time, he quickly called for his status tab and checked his system points balance to be sure he had enough to help with the Awakening.

[ Status Tab]

Name: Alec Gordons

》Race: Human

》Level: 20

》Tier: 1 [ Peak]

■ Exp till next level: 5077 / 30,000

[ Attributes ]

》Strength: 45 (+15)

》Agility: 45 (+15)

》Endurance: 40 (+15)

》Mana: (0/2500)

Affinity: Earth (high)+, Fire(high)+

available points: 42

System points: 5,678

After confirming that he had enough system points to spare, he no longer hesitated as he input the Yes option on the system and waited patiently,

He just realized that ever since he joined the Blood Moon, he had not had the time to allocate his stats point, making it reach 42. He was just wondering how much stronger he would become when he inputs all of them; he felt that maybe it was because he was not in battle or training with the fifth elder. This day, he forgot that he had to increase his strength too.

But he made his mind clear as he made sure to put all this in the back of his mind as he planned to increase his stats soon; after training with the Fifth elder, he was more used to his mental energy, making his mind clear, and any mental attacks against him weakened.

As he made significant progress just watching the beast, the System Points were soon deducted as a white light flowed out from his body straight towards the golem's body. Still, no one seemed to see the white light except him, so he kept his mouth shut; after all, he was back to being a broke-ass cultivator as he no longer had enough system points for emergencies.

And he started to miss the Battlefield.

The transformation finished as the light seeps into the golem that seemed to be levitating in the air.

"T,,, T,,, Tie,.. it's a Tier 2 golem," the Patriarch said in surprise; that's when Agnes, who was beside him, heard Alec had another Ter 2 golem, and she just fainted out of shock

Though she was a big fan of Alec now, that didn't stop her ambitions and determination, as she still wished to defeat Alec in the future.

She always said that only by chasing influential people would she make significant progress in her cultivation. However, hearing Alec seemed to have another considerable power when she was still at the edges of the Tier 1 mage realm.

It made her ashamed even to call herself a rival, which caused her to faint instantly when she heard 'Tier 2 golem.'

The Fifth Elder was not even starting at the realm of the golem but at the golem itself. The Elder's eyes seemed to hide his expression of shock, but it was so apparent that it didn't escape the eyes of the experts like the Patriarch and the Grand Elder.

Different types of thoughts started running inside the Fifth Elder's head.

Does he know that creature he just created, or did he fail? Because if he did, that is wild!

His imagination ran wild, I must say; even the golem looked to be of a higher rank than my kitty baby!!

I may only warn him!!!!

The fifth elder said to himself internally as he warned them about particular creatures they might want to avoid crafting.

While the fifth elder worried, Alec tried to check out his new best toy.

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