The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 2319 - 2321-Confirming Dragon Marks

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Chapter 2319: Chapter 2321-Confirming Dragon Marks

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Yueya and Yueyuan stayed in the small courtyard of the inn and cultivated peacefully.

Although they were worried about Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu’s safety, they knew that they could not help much. They were already very willful by pestering them to come over. They could not continue to affect their work.

Therefore, the sisters worked hard to cultivate, hoping that they would not be a burden.

If it weren’t for them, Qiao Yanyu and Qi Xibei wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble, right?

Although they had many thoughts in their minds, they still cultivated seriously.

However, she did not expect Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu to suddenly return. Moreover, Qi Xibei’s expression was a little strange.


The sisters immediately went forward to greet him.” Is everything going well?” “It went quite smoothly.” Qi Xibei had a strange expression on his face as he sized them up and stared at them.

The sisters felt strange and could not help but shiver.” Master, what’s wrong?”

“Come in with me.” Qi Xibei said.


The two of them looked at each other, but they still followed him in obediently.

Qi Xibei wouldn’t do anything, would he?

However, when they heard Qi Xibei’s words, they immediately tightened their grip on their clothes.” You, you, you, you…” Who exactly are you?” Why did he ask them to take off their clothes the moment they entered?!

Thinking about how Qi Xibei liked to pretend to be someone else, it was possible that the Qi Xibei in front of him was someone else in disguise!

Qi Xibei did not know whether to laugh or cry at the sisters ‘vigilance, but he also realized that his behavior was indeed a little strange.

She shook her head and laughed.” Of course I’m your master!”

“Impossible!” Yue Ya frowned, her expression solemn as she pulled away.” Tell me the truth. Who are you?”

Qi Xibei was speechless. His face darkened.” Alright, stop joking.” I have something to confirm.”

Seeing her stern face, as if she really was their master, the sisters asked in fear,”But why do you have to take off your clothes?”

“Because I want to confirm one thing.””This might be related to your origins,”

Qi Xibei said seriously.”

“Family background?”

The sisters were shocked.” What background do we have?”

They had lived with their mother since they were young. After her mother passed away, the two sisters had been relying on each other until now.

Now, Qi Xibei was telling them that it had something to do with their background? What was going on?

“I’ll confirm it first.” Qi Xibei shook his head.” I remember that you all have birthmarks on your bodies, right?”

. Yes.”

Hearing her mention the birthmark on her body, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

This was really his master!

When the two of them were cultivating, they needed to take a medicinal bath. As their master, Qi Xibei had naturally seen their bodies. Knowing that there was a birthmark, it was even less strange.

“Let me see. I want to see it clearly.”

The sisters looked at each other and carefully took off their clothes.

When he saw the long marks on their waists, Qi Xibei was shocked.

It was true!

Qi Xibei had seen the birthmarks on the sisters before, but he did not take them seriously. Now that he took a closer look, this long snake-like birthmark actually had a few claws.

This must be the dragon pattern that the Jiang family was talking about!

For a moment, Qi Xibei’s emotions were very complicated.

The Yue Ya and Yue Yue sisters were about the same age as the young man, and they had these marks on their bodies…There were more and more coincidences.


Their careful voices woke Qi Xibei up.

“It’s okay. I’ll confirm it first.”

Before the two of them could continue asking, she had already gone out..

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