MTL - There is Room For a Beautiful Daughter-in-law In the Rebirth Era


Authors : spring garden

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 855

Last update: a year ago

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What is 'MTL' at the prefix of novel?

-> MTL Novel is a RAW Novel that is translated by using automatic Machine Translation (MTL), so we can translate the novels faster than human translation.

Yu Xinyan was a tragedy in her previous life. She grew up well, studied well, and should have a bright future, but was used by her adoptive parents to pay off her debts.It's okay to marry a second-married man, but she was also used by a scumbag to become a hen that doesn't lay eggs, and she was blinded, cursed, and bullied by her stepson and stepdaughter for most of her life.In the end, Yu Jie suffered from an incurable disease, and she didn't wait for her husband's greetings, but was kicked out of the house.It happened that fate tricked people, and accidentally learned the real reason for her infertility. She wanted to be strong for a lifetime, but her life became a joke.After rebirth, whoever loves this nanny wife should be whoever she wants.Just as he was thinking about how to change the situation, he found a small space by chance and smiled at the golden finger given by God.Cleanly kicked the so-called dedicated man, turned around and married the boss in the factory, who had a hard time getting a wife, and lived a sweet little life without shame or embarrassment, who knows who is happy. - Description from novelbuddy