MTL - There is Room For a Beautiful Daughter-in-law In the Rebirth Era-Chapter 855 envious

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  The man got anxious and grabbed Jinxuan's arm: "For Lu Changjun's sake, help her?"

  Afraid that He Jinxuan would say something nasty again, he immediately said, "Actually, you know in your heart that she has no bad intentions, but acts impulsively, regardless of the consequences."

  He Jinxuan looked at him coldly: "This is not a reason for her to act recklessly. If she does something wrong, she will have to pay the price. No one can help her."

   After finishing speaking, he turned and left quickly.

   Hand over the list to the team, arrange for someone to overhaul the cars in the team, and leave the transportation company directly.

   Went to the department store to buy two bottles of wine and some cooked food. Thinking of the children of Qin Peiyi's family, he bought some fruits and pastries before going to Qin Peiyi's.

  He didn't go directly to his home, but first went to work to find Qin Peiyi.

  Qin Peiyi asked him to sit down for a while, finished dealing with the matter at hand, and chatted with him casually: "You are engaged to this marriage, when is the wedding banquet?"

  He Jinxuan naturally wanted the sooner the better, but he promised Xinyan at the beginning, so even if he thought about it again, he couldn't break his promise: "I'm afraid this matter has to be slow, after all, she has to focus on her studies now."

  Qin Peiyi jokingly said: "Where did the vigorous and resolute energy go?"

  He Jinxuan pursed his lips and laughed. With a little girl, swift and resolute actions won't work.

  The two chatted about other things, and when it was time to get off work, they prepared to get up and go home.

  Qin Peiyi saw He Jinxuan's bag outside: "Why, you come to my house for a meal, and you still have to bring your own rations?"

  He Jinxuan lifted the bag: "I haven't seen the children for a long time, let's go."

   The two of them entered the family courtyard, and from a distance, they could see several children of the Qin family playing marbles there.

  Qin Peiyi saw a few children crawling on the ground, and laughed and cursed: "The clothes are like rolling in the dirt every day. Your sister-in-law has to scold them several times a day. Isn't this still the same?"

  He Jinxuan looked at the group of children who were having a good time crawling on the ground: "Don't mention it, the marbles are quite accurate, and they are bad soldiers."

  Qin Peiyi laughed out loud, he was naturally willing to let his children inherit his father's business.

  His laughter startled several children playing marbles in the distance.

  The children of the Qin family got up and rushed over, all with joyful faces; "Dad, Uncle He."

  Qin Peiyi saw that they were going to pounce on He Jinxuan, so he quickly stopped him and said, "Stop, stop, stop, and don't even look at the appearance of each of you, but pounce on your Uncle He."

  The eldest son Qin Xiaotian touched his head, a little embarrassed and said: "When you get excited, forget it."

  He Jinxuan patted his head: "Take my sister home."

  Qin Xiaotian is very excited, and then looked at the bag in Uncle He's hand. If there is anything he doesn't understand, he said with a smile: "Okay."

  Turn around and run to pull the younger sister who is chasing after you: "Go, brother will take you home."

  The little girl doesn't care about her brother now, avoiding the hand extended by her elder brother, and ran towards Qin Peiyi happily: "Daddy, hug."

  When Qin Peiyi heard his daughter's baby voice, his heart melted. With a rippling smile on his face, he squatted down and stretched out his arms: "Come on, does my girl miss Dad?"

  The little girl smiled happily: "I miss Dad."

  Qin Peiyi picked up his daughter and kissed her on the face: "Daddy misses Niuniu too."

  He Jinxuan looked at this scene with a look of envy on his face, imagining that in the future, if only he and Xinyan could have such a lovely daughter.

   Dear friends, good night~~~